Prefabricated Panels

PG Prefabricated Panels

Prefabricated Panels Offer:​

  • Flexible site placements
  • Flexible floor plan configurations
  • Multiple building shape options
  • Your choice of exterior/interior finishes
  • Factory-built components cut costs
  • Faster construction schedule
  • Permanent, high-quality facility
  • Equipment /furniture/artwork available
  • A Green Solution
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Why PG?


In a firm with a legacy of over 50 years of facility research and design, our experience informs our recommendations and adds value at every stage of your project.

Save Time And Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Why spend more for the construction of permanent, quality facilities? PG PreFAB costs 20-30% less than traditional building methods, actually enhances the quality of the build, and is 30-40% faster to construct!

Prefabricated Panels Are Ideal For Stand-Alone Clinics And Bank Branches

With construction costs increasing every year and many of our clients interested in growing into new markets, PG Design + Build created a turn-key, prefabricated solution to maximize value for our clients.

PG PreFAB offers a building process for a custom-designed, prefabricated panel building shell that delivers to the site with all the exterior finishes in place. Creating our own unique evidence-based designs for both healthcare and financial facilities and utilizing high-quality materials, PG PreFAB offers a cost-effective, permanent facility that can be constructed in as little as four months instead of the typical seven to nine months. Prefabrication also offers a controlled environment for exterior wall construction that cannot be matched on a traditional job site. Unaffected by weather and other potentially adverse construction site issues, work can be completed any time of the year.

Plus, for clients who want to demonstrate their commitment to the environment, using Prefabricated Panels is inherently GREEN and can be LEED certified.

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Steve Howlett is PG’s financial facility expert. He has spent more than 30 years transforming bank branches to maximize results.

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