Bank Facility Expertise

PG Design + Build’s financial facility experts leverage 50+ years of bank design experience and research to create environments that:

- facilitate superior customer service,
- create memorable customer experiences,
- foster deeper customer connections,
- strengthen your brand,
- increase workforce and operational efficiencies,
- unlock your staff’s potential as universal bankers, and
- decrease staff turnover while increasing job satisfaction.


When your branch interiors are in need of a refresh, it’s time to consider how the design is serving your business objectives.  PG will help your team navigate the options and opportunities to create your own unique branded branch experience, deepen customer relationships, and increase operational efficiencies.

To learn more about how PG does it, we invite you to “ASK STEVE!” See info in the side bar of this page for details.


Few endeavors offer a greater opportunity to impact your bottom line and brand experience than adding a well-designed, replicable branch location through new construction.

While PG Design + Build regularly collaborates with construction companies, we also offer our own construction company for some projects to create an empowering, turnkey approach that offers a single-source solution to create a seamless process and better experience for your team.

PreFabricated Panel Savings

To save our clients time and money on new construction projects, PG developed relationships with Prefabricated Panel System vendors.  To learn more about the quality and savings derived from prefabricated panels, click on the “PREFAB” tab at the top of this page.


When you remove the barrier of a traditional teller line, amazing things happen.  Suddenly, tellers have the freedom to approach every interaction as a universal banker and customers become better connected to your staff and brand.  To learn more about what Teller Pods and PG Design + Build can do for your branches, click on the “Teller Pods” tab at the top of this page.

“Creating deeper customer relationships offers the single greatest opportunity for growth.”