Financial Facilities

Financial Facility Expertise

PG Design + Build’s financial facility experts leverage 50+ years of bank design experience and research to create environments that:

  • facilitate superior customer service,
  • create memorable customer experiences,
  • foster deeper customer connections,
  • strengthen your brand,
  • increase workforce and operational efficiencies,
  • unlock your staff’s potential as universal bankers, and
  • decrease staff turnover while increasing job satisfaction.

Creating deeper customer relationships offers the single greatest opportunity for growth.

Renovate With Purpose

When your branch interiors are in need of a refresh, it’s time to consider how the design is serving your business objectives. PG will help your team navigate the options and opportunities to create your own unique branded branch experience, deepen customer relationships, and increase operational efficiencies.

New Branch Construction — A Turn-Key Process

Few endeavors offer a greater opportunity to impact your bottom line and brand experience than adding a well-designed, replicable branch location through new construction.

While PG Design + Build regularly collaborates with construction companies, we also offer our own construction company for some projects to create an empowering, turnkey approach that offers a single-source solution to create a seamless process and better experience for your team.

Prefabricated Panel Savings

To save our clients time and money on new construction projects, PG developed relationships with Prefabricated Panel System vendors. To learn more about the quality and savings derived from prefabricated panels, click on the “PREFAB” tab at the top of this page.

Teller Pods Foster Deeper Customer Relationships

When you remove the barrier of a traditional teller line, amazing things happen. Suddenly, tellers have the freedom to approach every interaction as a universal banker and customers become better connected to your staff and brand. To learn more about what Teller Pods and PG Design + Build can do for your branches, click on the “Teller Pods” tab at the top of this page.

First Midwest Bank, Davenport Branch
Davenport, Iowa
PG worked closely with the client to develop this prototype of a new, one-story branch.  Designed to bring in lots of natural light through the entryway and across the offices, the lobby welcomes c...
Union Savings Bank, Mt Morris
Mount Morris, Illinois
PG broke ground on construction of this new facility in the spring of 2021. Images will become available when landscaping has matured in the spring of 2022. This bank facility is being built using ...
Bank One, Harrison Ave
Rockford, Illinois
Cornerstone Credit Union, S Beloit
South Beloit, Illinois
Cornerstone Credit Union hired PG to renovate the entire exterior and interior of this branch facility while remaining within the original building foot print. To create an open, bright and invitin...
Cornerstone Credit Union, Freeport
Freeport, Illinois
This full-service location serves as the corporate headquarters for the credit union. The second floor contains administrative, accounting and other support functions, as well as areas for future g...
LaSalle State Bank, Peru
Peru, Illinois
NB&T, DeKalb
DeKalb, Illinois
This modern, stand-alone branch echoes some of the traditional details of NB&T’s headquarters to create brand continuity.  Instead of the traditional barrier of a teller line, this open retail ...
Ascentra Credit Union
Bettendorf, Iowa
Sited to take advantage of stunning Mississippi River views, Ascentra Credit Union’s four-story headquarters had a dramatic response in the community with the Quad Cities Times calling it “a hallma...
Blackhawk Bank, Roscoe Renovation
Roscoe, Illinois
PG provided architecture, planning, and interior design to successfully convert an existing restaurant complex into a full-service banking center. The ground floor contains a full-service branch as...
Earthmovers Credit Union
Montgomery, Illinois
Constructed in just four months using PG PreFAB panels, this facility features a “Midwestern prairie style” with brick and stucco finishes to complement Earthmover Credit Union’s Yorkville, Illinoi...
Heartland Bank
Aurora, Illinois
(formerly Citizens First National Bank) 6,000 Square Feet Ground Floor 6,000 Square Feet Unfinished Basement PG provided a wide range of services from site analysis to building design and construct...
NB&T, Sandwich
Sandwich, Illinois
This beautiful retail bank features an open retail lobby, two teller stations, two drive through lanes, an ATM, four offices, a conference room, and an employee break room. THE POWER OF PREFAB Whil...
NB&T, Sycamore
Sycamore, Illinois
The original project involved the complete remodeling and renovation of a four-story building.  A comprehensive reorganization of departments and traffic flow were developed to enhance and emphasiz...
Princeville State Bank
Peoria, Illinois
Utilizing an open retail floor plan with coordinated opportunities for merchandising and messaging, this modified prairie style facility was designed to maximize customer/sales opportunities. The f...
Rock Valley Credit Union
Rochelle, IL
This prairie style facility was designed to bring a “fresh face” to Rock Valley Credit Union’s member base.  Featuring an inviting interior lobby with three teller stations, two offices, conference...
NB&T, Genoa
Genoa, Illinois
Alpine Bank
Rockford, Illinois
This landmark building presents a high-style corporate image. Finished in pre-cast wall panels and butt-glazed glass, this building is as stunning to view as it is efficient to operate and maintain...
Bankorion, Moline
Moline, Illinois
PG worked with BankORION on a turn-key basis from concept to completed construction for this Moline branch. Prefabricated components not only cut the construction time in half but also significantl...
Waterman State Bank
Blackhawk Bank, 11th Street Banking Center
Rockford, Illinois
This full-service branch features three teller stations, three drive-up lanes, an ATM lane, an internet banking station and hospitality area, two large waiting areas with a children’s play space, a...
Riverside Community Bank
Rockford, Illinois
As newcomers to the area, the bank wanted a distinct profile.  The bank utilized retail banking concepts, maximizing the customer experience with strategic positioning of the five-station teller li...
NB&T, Market Square
DeKalb, Illinois
This NB&T branch facility is designed to accommodate existing customers as well as to attract a new client base. The exterior materials consist of a gray granite base, brick walls, and precast ...
Hometown National Bank
LaSalle, Illinois
New Construction Located in the heart of downtown LasSalle, Illinois, this two-story headquarters was designed with a style that blends with the historic downtown. Loaded with messaging and bra...


Unlock Your Branch Potential and Expand Your Relationship Banking Opportunities!

Create an efficient, comfortable, private and secure space by adding customer-friendly Teller Pods. Custom designed by our banking experts, PG Teller Pods are available in a wide variety of custom finishes to compliment your current decor.


Unlike the barrier of a traditional teller line, interactions at a teller pod (or island) are much more personal and facilitate important financial conversations that can lead to a deeper connection to your bank and staff. The comfortable experience facilitates cross-selling other financial products.


Tellers rave about the efficiency, accuracy, and security of a well-designed Pod using cash recyclers. Tellers become much more invested in their roles as universal bankers and are capable of facilitating a wider scope of banking services. In fact, research suggests that teller’s job satisfaction increases and turnover rates are reduced. The week after PG installs Pods, the phone starts ringing and emails pour in with excited branch managers’ happy reviews!


PG’s leadership team conducted two years of intensive research and development to refine every aspect of PG Teller Pods to maximize results for our clients. From the size and shape of the counter to the positioning of the swivel monitors and cash recyclers, PG’s deep knowledge of banking operations makes a difference. There may be other Pods in the marketplace, but none can match PG Teller Pods.

CALL FOR DETAILS: (815) 654-9700. Let us put our experience to work for you!

Why PG?


In a firm with a legacy of over 50 years of facility research and design, our experience informs our recommendations and adds value at every stage of your project.


In addition to 50+ years of experience completing financial facilities, PG’s team completed two years of intensive research to refine every detail of their custom Teller Pods.

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